Server1 and Server 2 are having a massive upgrade

  • 9th July 2018
Just to let you know we are planning a major upgrade on two of our servers on Tuesday 10th July We expect the servers to go offline at approx 5pm until possibly midnight. We apologies for this downtime but it is vital to allow out tech team to switch your services onto totally new servers The IP address of your websites, emails and services ...
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Important Updates to Terms & Conditions

  • 19th April 2018
We have been working on updating our Terms & Conditions for some time now. With the New GDPR requirements that come into force in May 2018 we thought it would be a good time to do an overhaul of our policy documents. We have made them available in the Downloads section of our website here They can also be found at the bottom of the main ...
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Caution using emails Don't get caught out

  • 1st December 2017
Hi AllI wanted to share with you some useful information on how to keep yourself safe with emails. We recently heard about an incident where a client had emailed one of their clients an invoice for services. This was a usual thing and no problems had ever happened before, The client then found out that the email invoice had been intercepted and ...
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Google warning for insecure websites

  • 16th October 2017
Google are now adding warnings to all insecure websitesThis is what your browser will look like with a Geotrust True Business ID with EV SSL security Certificate. You also get a website security sealIf you dont have one of these EV certificates then Google is now showing this warning to all your wesbite visitorsCheckout what Google have to say and ...
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