Server 1 upgrade tonight

  • Monday, 16th July, 2018
  • 05:40am
Server 1 ONLY 

We did a planned upgrade last week, but one of the servers had to be rolled back and the upgrade delayed.

The upgrade is now planned for this evening Monday 16th July 2018

It only effects server 1 and we have emailed these clients last week to let them know. 

We expect the server to go offline at approx 5pm until possibly midnight.

We apologies for this downtime but it is vital to allow out tech team to switch your services onto totally new server

The IP address of your websites, emails and services will stay the same, as we will be sliding this back in place once everything has moved

Many thanks for your continued support, and use of our services

We hope you enjoy the greater speed of the new server on load times etc

Warm Regards


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